Makeup Tips to Banish Dry Skin

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Does your skin look dry and flaky every time you look in the mirror? Join the rest of us with dry skin that try to conquer this pesky little nuisance on the daily. While commitment to a skincare routine is pertinent (with any skin type, really) there are a few things you can do when applying makeup to help this problem go away. Here are my 4 makeup tips to banish dry skin that will

Nude Eyeliner Products We Love

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As sexy as black eyeliners are, we have to admit, they can get pretty boring. Now enter the nude eyeliner. The new nude liner trend has now started to take the beauty world by storm with advocates of in the likes of Kim K. Now if you may be wondering what these are for, let us paint the picture for you. Think about white eyeliners—only more subtle. That’s what you get with nudes. What we

Putting on False Lashes

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There’s nothing more rewarding than placing on false eyelashes and having it stay for the night. But that’s self-delusion for the majority of us girls. More often than not, 5 hours hooked on the day and our falsies begin to go awry, sticking out at bizarre angles and looking completely, well, forged.

We enquired the experts and we’re partaking their knowledge with you. Here’s an effortless step-by-step steer for you.

Step 1: Before anything, apply mascara

Quick Tips to Picking Red Lipstick

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Picking out the right undertone of red lipstick doesn't have to be rocket science. For the most part there are no real rules, but there are some suggestions to follow depending on your skin and hair tone. In the end you should always go with what you're comfortable with, and what makes you feel gorgeous.

You Have Fair Skin and Light Hair:
You should focus on yellow or orange based bright red lipstick colors. By choosing the

French Cover All Bases: The Battle Is Already Half Won

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When it comes to good looks, we identify the French are the most excellent at what they do. But opposing to accepted belief, they don’t use up most of their time primping themselves in the mirror. As an alternative, they’re all about that ordinary, graceful chic that they’re so renowned for.

Thing is, even though they may have brainstormed for the entire Sephora deal, the majority of French women are not too enthusiastic on heavy makeup